Top 5 New Bands – Billboard’s Tye Comer Picks The Best New Bands At Coachella This Year

Billboard’s Tye Comer Picks The Best New Bands At Coachella This Year

The Coachella Music Festival is huge. And it’s only getting bigger. With nearly 180 bands performing in a span of 72 hours this year, it’s hard enough to see all the acts on your list—never mind hitting up the after-parties, food trucks, and other shenanigans. (Luckily, it’s two weekends long.)

So to help strategize your festival experience, we turned to editor Tye Comer to give his picks for the five best up-and-coming bands to watch this year. “I’m one of those people who basically schedules my year around Coachella,” he says.

As the first rock-focused music festival of the year, Coachella sets the tone for the rest of the music festival circuit. “A lot of people have it marked on their calend

“He’s from the Odd Future crew, and a lot of people remember him for being out of the scene for a while [when] he was shipped off to boarding school. But now Earl’s back and he’s been filling up a lot of records and creating a lot of buzz. I think he’s super talented.”

“They are an all-girl post-punk band that comes from the U.K. If you take the best elements of Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, and New Order—and all of those great moody post-punk bands from the ’80s—wrap it up in all-female dough, and then place them in 2013, it’s exactly what they sound like. I imagine they’re going to walk away being one of the bands a lot of people talk about this year.”

“He was a subject of the film Searching for Sugar Man, which won the Oscar for best documentary. He put out two albums in the early ’70s that didn’t really make an impact, then in the late ’90s he made a resurgence. But when the film came out, he got a bit more buzz. He goes from being completely unknown to now filling out huge venues. It’s very folky and it’s got a lot of great lyrics behind him.”

“This is the guy that I’ve had my eye on for a while. I stop short of calling him EDM because he actually is like a one-man live band. It sounds like there’s at least five different people on stage performing. He is a step away from your typical DJ set, and I think the live element of the show is really going to catch a lot of people’s attention. He’s going to walk away a big star this year.”

ars as a place where they want to make a big impact,” Comer says, using it as a launchpad for new projects and new bands. “You’re getting a taste of what’s to come.”

For his inside tips on the next big bands, click through the slideshow for his favorite new acts to watch this year at Coachella 2013. —Sasha Levine (@sashalevine)